Tuesday, September 4, 2007

welcome september

Sorry for not posting for a few days we went to Lansing for labor day weekend. Mommy and daddy watched the football game and yes they dont want to talk about it. And on Sunday we went to a pool party, I saw a lot of my cousin we had so much fun. I didnt want to get out of the pool, I even swam over the deep end by myself(and my tube). Monday we went to the big mall and I got new pink shoes they are great!!! we got back very late on Monday night, mommy had good new today her friend Krista had her baby girl Mia today!!! Yeah !!! yes this is Alex's new baby sister, i cant wait to see her and kiss her. Harrison is doing great and mommy says that he has been sleeping pretty good. News about Grandpa Gordy he is doing very very good, the Doctor said that everything is healing the right way and the c-san was still clear(today). good bye August welcome September.

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