Friday, July 27, 2007

harrisons 1/2 birthday

Today is Harrison's 1/2 birthday. Time really goes fast. He weighs 19lbs bare naked, and the doctors office says 28 1/2 in long and at the wic apt 2 weeks ago he was 27 1/2 in long. So i figured he was 28in long. He got 2 shots and did pretty good. He is growing like a weed and is pretty healthy. He as been eating a lot the past few days, and a little cranky so I thing a new mile stone is in our future. He loves green beans and all other veggies he doesn't seem to like fruit unless it is mixed with cereal. I started giving him lunch and dinner. He sits very well and talks a lot. He like to scream at Tessa, but also smiles in delight when she come in to the room. Tessa has been extra challenging this past week, i hope she grows out of this phase soon. Tessa and Harrison have a love hate relationship. Well the next Docs apt is at 9 months see you then Dr. Karen.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

pool party

wow we have a pool?? It was kind of small but harrison had a great time. He kept splashing me over and over again. After a while I got out and played with the football,and harrison played with my princess.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

a day in Elk Rapids

Peeing in the grass!! I learned this camping.


back from the woods

well we made it back. I had such a good time, even though there was a lot of bugs. I didnt get to many bug bites. We went swimming everyday, I went on a boat ride and fishing too. The fishing was not that great but we did catch a few. We went to a really pretty beach at the pictured rocks, and had pizza YUM!! The only thing that i really didnt like was... well... you will have to ask my mom I dont like to talk about it. I am glade to be home I missed my kitty, and today I got to see Alex. That was great EVEN though I was not very nice by the end of the day. I am sorry alex.
I hope all of you like the pictures I posted.

back from the woods

Me feeding the ducks. The mommy duck had 10 babies
daddy making breakfast
camp breakfast

the other side of our beach.

back from the woods

this is billpop he went camping with us.
This is our camp. A view from our beach
this is our beach at night
this is a campfire for those of my friends that have not seen one. Oh yeah and those marshmallow treats i was talking about before i went camping, are the best thing ever!!

back from the woods

Back from the woods

mommy and I climbed to the top of this, it was very high.

back from the woods

pizza break in MUNISING.
The most beautiful beach I have ever seen. The minors castle beach. We got to swim with the pictured rocks. It was cold water but very pretty.

back from the woods

our lake

movie break from the bugs

being crazy in the camper

Saturday, July 14, 2007

off camping

Well our family vacation is finally here. We are getting ready to head out the door. We are going camping to the U.P. I cant wait to go fishing and swimming everyday all day long. I also like sleeping in my sleeping bag and in the tent. Mom is nervous about the bugs and harrions sleeping. I cant wait to tell everyone about the marshmallows my mom has been talking about, the sound great. Hi to alex Im glade you are home, see you soon. Great job this week little carter you made it through CHERRY FESTIVAL 2007. Big carter next year I think I can take ya, at the pie eating contest. Jamo harrison says hi! great job on the growing you are getting so big, also on the sitting and scooting. Harrison had a check up at his wic apt yesterday. 5 1/2 mths old he is 19lbs and 27 1/2 in long so I think we have to football players on our hands. Well it is time to get in the car. So bye for know see you all in a week.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

a break from the festival

This was fun feeding Harrison. Mommy pumped and I jumped right on that. He did pretty good too. We need a break from all the fun down town. Harrison and I are going on vacation starting on sat i cant wait. We will be camping for 1 whole week.

cherry pie??

Carter and I raced in the cherry pie eating contest. I didnt like it not one bit, but you should have seen carter he got second place. Check out his blog and you will see why.

I dont want it on my face!!!!! Then the tears began.

Monday, July 9, 2007

WOW!!! I am on the front page of the newspaper. That is so much fun, I think I look funny. I made these binoculars they are cool.
This is Melanie she is Miss AMVETS 2007 we went down to the open space for the cherry pie eating contest it was great. Melanie had cherry pie all over her face.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hi everyone. this is me at the Cherry Festival Tea party. It was very Hot!! almost 100. The story lady was there, and we made frosted cookies and had tea(juice) the cherry queen was there too, and all of her queen candidate's, it was very fun.
this is the National Cherry Queen. She is very pretty. I went to the teddy bear tea party with her, even though it was very very hot.

this is a queen candidate she was very nice I liked her the best
this is another queen candidate