Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Harrisons five month report

Harrison is over 5mths now. Some new things are he dadadadas and mamamamas, rolling alot more, and doing the kick spin. He can go round and round just by kicking with his feet. He shows alot of emotions around tessa, some not so good. He still is not the greatest sleeper, but the most amazing thing happened a couple of days ago. He slept through the whole night. He went to sleep at 10:30 and woke at 6:05am it was amazing. You cant imagine how wonderful that was. But of course it was just at fluke. Tessa really likes it when he says dadada she thinks he really is talking about daddy. I think alot of things are going to start changing. Solids, naps, crawling all of these things are in the near future. Well for those of you who need more info call or e-mail. The 6mth reoprt will be intersesting I can feel it. Oh yes and tonight are the fireworks not sure if harrison is going but tessa and I are. Tessa liked them when she was around harrisons age, we just plugged her hears. harrison liked the sparklers last night. Happy fourth.

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