Thursday, September 27, 2007

Harrison is 8 mths old today

Hi I am Harrison! I am 8 mths old today, I can do the 3 Cs Crawl, Climb, Cry. I have 2 teeth I am learning to use. I eat alot I like all food so far, I really like to nurse ALOT!!!!! and I dont like to sleep that much. I am cute as a button, at least that is what my mom says. I am sweet and huggy.(huggy harrison )That is what my girlfriend Laurie calls me. My sister Tessa is fun she is still a little harsh with me, but I can take it because soon I will be getting even. I call for mommy or mamamama alot I like to follow her around the house. I love my Dadadad but I give him a hard time often. I can almost can stand up by myself, and I think I will very soon. I will keep all my friends and family up on my progress. Love Harrison aka " The Cherry Man"

Sunday, September 23, 2007

sad post for mom

Sorry all. Yesterday we went to Shetlers farm and had a blast, hay rides, hay maze, new baby cows all fun stuff. She took about 25 pics for everyone to see some very cute. Well she went to put them on the computer and dont know what happen they are gone?? She looked all over the computer and the camera and they are just gone. Mom is sad because she cant get them back. Some how they got deleted. Well you will all have to imagine all the fun we had. Wait until mom tells dad, that should be interesting. If anyone knows how to find deleted stuff on the computer please let her know. She looked in the recycling bin and no luck. She secreatly hopes that the pics are floating in computer space and can be found, of course aunt emily is not home to help!! She did click undo and it said do you want to undeleted item 22 she said yes, but still cant find it.??????HELP PLEASE!!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

more fun!!

Playing in the grass!!! What fun!!

more fun!!

I learned this at gymnastics!!! so I do it all the time.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

fun at JPs

Harrison had way to much fun.
Yesterday we went to JPs house and played. We painted ran all over inside and out, had PB&Js and took the cuties pics ever.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Tessa's first gymnastics class

Tessa is taking gymnastic lessons at watersedge gymnastics. Her first lesson was last today at 5:30. She loved it, her favorite thing(besides the cutes outfit ever) was the trampoline exercises. Her coach told me that she has the body for gymnastics.(we know this is true) We will keep you posted on all the fun.



Harrison getting ready for the big game!!

Tessa wanted to say HI!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

crawling fun

I love the stairs!! Mommy had to put the gate up once again
Im going to get that camera

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


It it true Harrison can crawl. He is all over the place, mom is working on a video so you all can see. I really dont like it, now he goes every place I go and touches all my stuff. (that DARN baby) I have to get use to it, it is pretty cute!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bath Time

He loves the water
the after bath treat. THE BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER
Bubble fun

last beach day??

This is the life.

Up date

For those of you interested there is going to be a benefit dinner for Grandpa Gordy on Wednesday Sept 12th from 5-8pm @ the Eagles in Gaylord. It will be a $5.00 donation for dinner, and also a silent auction and some kind of raffle? He is doing pretty good, a few funny things are happening, like walking like he has been drinking and leaning to the left. The doctor is not worried about anything yet. All good news.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Last thursday we went to Alexs house and made our playsilks.

yummy peanut butter!!
This was in the big mall at Grandma Danas
This was this Sat at Grandma Danas

welcome september

Sorry for not posting for a few days we went to Lansing for labor day weekend. Mommy and daddy watched the football game and yes they dont want to talk about it. And on Sunday we went to a pool party, I saw a lot of my cousin we had so much fun. I didnt want to get out of the pool, I even swam over the deep end by myself(and my tube). Monday we went to the big mall and I got new pink shoes they are great!!! we got back very late on Monday night, mommy had good new today her friend Krista had her baby girl Mia today!!! Yeah !!! yes this is Alex's new baby sister, i cant wait to see her and kiss her. Harrison is doing great and mommy says that he has been sleeping pretty good. News about Grandpa Gordy he is doing very very good, the Doctor said that everything is healing the right way and the c-san was still clear(today). good bye August welcome September.