Sunday, September 23, 2007

sad post for mom

Sorry all. Yesterday we went to Shetlers farm and had a blast, hay rides, hay maze, new baby cows all fun stuff. She took about 25 pics for everyone to see some very cute. Well she went to put them on the computer and dont know what happen they are gone?? She looked all over the computer and the camera and they are just gone. Mom is sad because she cant get them back. Some how they got deleted. Well you will all have to imagine all the fun we had. Wait until mom tells dad, that should be interesting. If anyone knows how to find deleted stuff on the computer please let her know. She looked in the recycling bin and no luck. She secreatly hopes that the pics are floating in computer space and can be found, of course aunt emily is not home to help!! She did click undo and it said do you want to undeleted item 22 she said yes, but still cant find it.??????HELP PLEASE!!!!!

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