Thursday, September 27, 2007

Harrison is 8 mths old today

Hi I am Harrison! I am 8 mths old today, I can do the 3 Cs Crawl, Climb, Cry. I have 2 teeth I am learning to use. I eat alot I like all food so far, I really like to nurse ALOT!!!!! and I dont like to sleep that much. I am cute as a button, at least that is what my mom says. I am sweet and huggy.(huggy harrison )That is what my girlfriend Laurie calls me. My sister Tessa is fun she is still a little harsh with me, but I can take it because soon I will be getting even. I call for mommy or mamamama alot I like to follow her around the house. I love my Dadadad but I give him a hard time often. I can almost can stand up by myself, and I think I will very soon. I will keep all my friends and family up on my progress. Love Harrison aka " The Cherry Man"

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