Wednesday, October 31, 2007

halloween party 10-30-07

Elvis is in the building. sorry Johanna this is not the greats shot. But so cute!!
cute carter!!! I just wanted to squeeze him up.
sweet SAM!!!
playing a fun game, as lily looks on.

Harrison loved the balloons
crazy pic !!but spiderman was just to cute not to put on the blog

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Okay everyone Harrison has made it to his 9mth birthday, all 21lbs of him. We have had a very busy October. Harrison has been changing alot this month, climbing all over everything, talking all the time(baby talk) he loves waving Hi and bye-bye. He of course has some pit falls, he has been nursing like a mad man, he gave up eating solids his pass and anything that is not my nipple.YIKES!!! But I think we are coming over the hump, he got another tooth last night, that makes 3 on the bottom? Starting yesterday I am making him wait every 4 hours to nurse, he dosent like it but I trade him with solid foods, and he drank juice in a sippy for the first time. He usually just chewed on the sippy part. So things are going to get better i can feel it. I hope for Danas sake, she has to watch the two of them this Sat while Brandon and I are at the Michigan Michigan state game!!!!! GO BLUE!!!!! So we also moved 2 days ago, and things are starting to look a little more normal around here. We really like our new place!!! It is much bigger and very quite, I think we are all sleepy better because of it. Well accept for Tessa she could sleep on a train underwater, nothing bothers her sleep.
Well here we are at 9mths 21lbs 29in, i cant wait to see what happens next, reminder Tessa was walking at 10 mths. WHOLLY COW!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Dentist

waiting for her first visit to the dentist
Mom are you sure about this?
Okay I think im ready
lool up tessa there is a princess sticker on the celling
the reward. Tessa did great. Smile show those pretty teeth.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Grandpa Gordy Update

Looking good!! Over all things are going great, if you get into a car accident and have brain surgery and all you get is this, I guess your pretty lucky. Still not working, but starts therapy in NOV for everyday functions. I few headaches (but he named those Bobby!!) hehehe Bobby has been great staying home to take care of everyone. We are all hoping that he gets to go to work very soon, we just want to make sure things are really OK. Sometimes he gets blurred vision and tingling in his hands, but over all pretty normal.(normal as normal gets for grandpa Gordy) hehehe. We will keep you all up on his progress.

76 degrees on october 21,2007

the park was beautiful so warm and sunny. The kids had a ball, sorry pics are mostly of harrison, but tessa found a new friend and would not stay still.

smile daddy Michigan wins again.
What is this?
harrison thinks he is helping me pack.

He loves the swing

catch her if you can