Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Okay everyone Harrison has made it to his 9mth birthday, all 21lbs of him. We have had a very busy October. Harrison has been changing alot this month, climbing all over everything, talking all the time(baby talk) he loves waving Hi and bye-bye. He of course has some pit falls, he has been nursing like a mad man, he gave up eating solids his pass and anything that is not my nipple.YIKES!!! But I think we are coming over the hump, he got another tooth last night, that makes 3 on the bottom? Starting yesterday I am making him wait every 4 hours to nurse, he dosent like it but I trade him with solid foods, and he drank juice in a sippy for the first time. He usually just chewed on the sippy part. So things are going to get better i can feel it. I hope for Danas sake, she has to watch the two of them this Sat while Brandon and I are at the Michigan Michigan state game!!!!! GO BLUE!!!!! So we also moved 2 days ago, and things are starting to look a little more normal around here. We really like our new place!!! It is much bigger and very quite, I think we are all sleepy better because of it. Well accept for Tessa she could sleep on a train underwater, nothing bothers her sleep.
Well here we are at 9mths 21lbs 29in, i cant wait to see what happens next, reminder Tessa was walking at 10 mths. WHOLLY COW!!!!

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