Saturday, July 14, 2007

off camping

Well our family vacation is finally here. We are getting ready to head out the door. We are going camping to the U.P. I cant wait to go fishing and swimming everyday all day long. I also like sleeping in my sleeping bag and in the tent. Mom is nervous about the bugs and harrions sleeping. I cant wait to tell everyone about the marshmallows my mom has been talking about, the sound great. Hi to alex Im glade you are home, see you soon. Great job this week little carter you made it through CHERRY FESTIVAL 2007. Big carter next year I think I can take ya, at the pie eating contest. Jamo harrison says hi! great job on the growing you are getting so big, also on the sitting and scooting. Harrison had a check up at his wic apt yesterday. 5 1/2 mths old he is 19lbs and 27 1/2 in long so I think we have to football players on our hands. Well it is time to get in the car. So bye for know see you all in a week.

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Team Schmitty said...

have fun camping! we'll cya when you get back.