Friday, June 27, 2008

Harrison 17mths!! WOW

Can you all believe how fast times flies? Harrison celebrated his 17mth at the beach! He was a cry baby all day he woke up at 5am and was all out of sorts. This continued all through out the day, maybe a tooth, maybe just a bad day? His new favorite word is CAR!!!! Everything is A CAR!! He doesn't talk as well as Tessa did at 17mths, but im okay with that. He loves the beach and playing outside, MAMMA is still his favorite word. Today a women at the beach kept telling me my girls are so beautiful. I didn't fix her until she told her friends to "go look at those cute girls they both have such long eye lashes. " This is when I stepped in and said THANK YOU but I have a little boy and a little girl. They both told me that Harrison was to pretty to be a boy, I said I know. I think it is the pretty hair, maybe it is time for Harrys first big boy cut? Oh and our favorite new thing Harry does is........ Tell on Tessa!! my plan is already working!hahaha. Anytime she does something to him or something he knows she should not be doing he says (AT OH) is this how you spell this? a little like rain man. So Harry keep up the good work, and Tessa watch out we have extra eyes on you. More later!!!

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