Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I forgot Harrison just had his 16th month of life outside the womb! Sorry. Nothing really big has changed for him, a few new words, more tackling tessa, and oh yes the beach. He is crazy the water is darn right cold and we cant keep him out. He really loves the water! We are lucky he hasnt tried to eat the sand like tessa use to. He does like to say hello to every living thing on the beach. We are thinking of a hair cut, but his curles are so cute I know the second we cut them they will never come back. Plus cutting his harry makes him to much of a big boy. Hope for bigger news next month.
Oh! when he gets hurt or is sad or tired he calls for my hair. He loves my hair, he gets his hands right in side and twirles. Im convinced that he could hold my hair all day long. I guess that is his security, it is sweet and drives me crazy at the same time. oh ps the RED WINGS just WON!!!!

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