Friday, December 28, 2007

one day late Harrison is 11mths old

Harrison has made it to his 11mth birthday. He has not been himself the past week, one new tooth(eye tooth) and cold an ear infection, and as of last night back on the Zantac. He has been trying to walk a little more, he walks around the sofa or with your hands. He is getting better standing on his own. He waves hi and bye, signs milk more and sometimes all done. Everyone tells me that he says Thank you. (it does sound like it) He sleeps better and really enjoys playing. He can play by himself much better than Tessa. He loves little truck or anything really that has a wheel. Still nursing, and finally slowing down just a bit. Before he got sick he was the best eater, using his sippy cup and doing really well. It is now like starting all over again, he hasn't wanted to eat all that much and actually he drank from a bottle and liked it?? He should start feeling better today. Next month he is going to be 1!!!can you believe it?? We will see if he is walking by then?

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