Tuesday, December 25, 2007

merry christmas

What a wonderful day. Santa came to our house, he brought lots of new toys. My favorite thing is my new baby and stroller and car seat and bottles. Harrison loves his little cars. Mommy loves her new purse, and Daddy got a cool MICHIGAN jacket. After a crazy morning at home, and Harrison not feeling very good, mommy sick all night, we had to go to Nana and Papas for more presents. Wow that was so coollll!! I had so many cookies I lost count. Mom wasn't very happy about that. After yummy dinner and lots of presents, we went home and Grandpa Gordy, and Grandma Bobby and Uncle Dean came over. More presents and more treats. Mom made a lasagna and it was pretty good. After all this fun, mom told me that Grandma Dana is coming up this weekend for more treats and yes!! MORE PRESENTS!!!! I hope all my friends had as much fun as I did. Over all I think Christmas is pretty sweet!!! See you all soon!!!

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