Friday, September 26, 2008

Harrison 20 mths!!!!! yeah!!!!

well officially tomorrow Harrison is 20 mths. No big surprises, he is really a boy for sure loves being outside dirty and climbing on everything. He also loves football already!! well he likes yelling go go go go touchdown to the TV!! no matter what team is playing, but this count for something. He is growing like a weed and talking a lot. He also seems to watch every move Tessa makes. He even started saying "No" back to me and started to realize that if Tessa will not eat it, he doesn't have to eat it, even if he like it. Yikes!! Today he wanted to sit on the big potty!! no pee but he liked to be naked and sitting watching and waiting for something to happen. IT is going to be a long road for us, no worries though it is easier to have him in diapers then to have to run to the bathroom every 1/2 hour. (im not ready for that) so he can take his sweet time!!! Now that we have our new computer i can get back to blogging more often and keeping everyone posted on all the goods. Tessa is really loving school, she is learning Spanish and is doing very well. she can count to ten, sing the body parts, says the months of the year, and some of the colors. All of this is way more Spanish then i know. I asked her teacher to write the words out so i could keep up, looks like next semester i should take a Spanish class. Ps classes are going great! i love being back in school!! Well Thats all for now!! next month will be full of ne info!! News about Colorado and what not. Love you all!

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