Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Harrison 15 mth report

the stats are in !!!

26lbs! we got to stand him on the big scale!! 32 in long!!! or short not sure yet!! the Dr. says he is doing great. He know is running and loves running away from Tessa!! Loves playing outside, eating, reading books, and eating. Did I say EATING?? Loves blues clues LOVES!! He started chanting Tessa Tessa. started climbing on the sofa, and finally started sleeping the night again. His teeth have been coming in like crazy, molars and more molars. Daddy is back to work and it is fun to see Harry run to him when he gets home. The kids both have been going to daycare 3 days a week while i work out. the YMCA offers free daycare with your membership, it is great. It nice to have someone else watch them for 1 1/2, even though im working out it still breaks up the day. Tessa has been great, she is getting so big!! She is till sassy but i think she is a little sweeter. She and harry have a love hate relationship, somedays they play super great, and somedays like today she has to pick at him every second. He has started to pick back, he took her out at the knees the other day forget running back, watch out tackle!! Summer is just around the corner and we cant wait to take Harrison to the beach, it is going to be a great summer.!! bye for now!!

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