Sunday, March 30, 2008

14 mth report!!! (late)

well harrison has made it to his 14 mth birthday. Walking, running, talking, not climbing yet thank you. Harry speaks baby talk almost all day long but we have noticed that he has been saying many new words. Basketball, duck, syd,splash,slam dunk, ball, all done, these are all his new words. He also can point out MICHIGAN!!!! he knows daddy likes it very much. He still is a great eater! no more nursing and or bottle, he said all done. Im hoping that he makes changing all things this easy. "all done" He really loves Tessa and I think Tess really loves him. she sneaks kisses when she can, and if someone askes her if they can keep harry she says" NO WAY he is my baby!" The snow is finally going away and today it was 48. We cant wait until it is warm enough to go out and play. Next month check up we will have new stats and more shots, he is gorwing up way to fast.

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