Friday, February 8, 2008


OKAY!! here is a pic of tessas mask she made on fat tuesday. i noticed that i have not talked about all the things tessa has been doing in her busy life. she is growing up so fast, and getting sassier by the seconed, 3 has been such a joy. She is finally learning what numbers and letters look like. She hates doing the work activites with me, but when someone else asks her what number or letters the cards say, or play number games with her she all of sudden she knows all the answeres. We heard from a little fly on the wall that maybe here hair isnt growing very well because she needs to take a vitamen? so we started a vitamen we will see if that helps. She is really starting to love swimming again, buy summer she should be a old pro. This week we started really looking for a preschool, we have to be signed up by march 1st. Brandon doesnt want her to go, and I do. Also preschool is not cheap, we are going to look for the best fit for her. Brandon is not much of a school fan, he claims he hated school, do you see my problem. Well for some reason my spell check will not come up anymore so sorry if you find something that is spelled wrong. bye for now.
Harry being Harry

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