Thursday, August 23, 2007

some news

Harrison yesterday went from sitting to all 4s with out falling. He seemed pretty proud. He also moved his arms and legs forward one at a time. Today he seems to really like going from sitting to all 4s. He has been sleeping pretty good the past 3 nights. 6hrs in a row and only eating once, around 6:00 am. Tessa has been learning letters this week and I think she is starting to catch on. She has a learning computer that she really loves to play with. Her new must have item is a play house for her princess, she had been asking me over and over I think I got the hint. So I am on the hunt. New or used Big enough to play barbies and all of her trucks and little princess. Yes TRUCKS!! they need a place to sleep she thinks. Well I am hoping for some new pics this week so you all can see what we are up to. Bye for now.

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