Thursday, June 28, 2007

off to lansing

Well after long week we are all going to grandma Dana's. We are going to a wedding party for a friend of dads. That will be fun, because there will be cake. We are only going for the weekend, see Lansing is fun to visit but i would rather be at the beach. It was pretty cold today NO BEACH. That's okay because mommy was very sick, she sounded so funny when she talked. I heard her say her head was going to exploded??? I think she is starting to feel better now. When we get back it will be almost time for the cherry festival to start. Then I can wear my cherry dress. Also mommy and daddy's friends are coming with their kids on Thursday. I cant wait to see ABBY!!! she is 3. And Harrison will have a friend too. Oh guess what?? Mommy gave Harrison a pickle to suck on yesterday. He really liked!!! He cried when you took it away. I normally do not like pickles, but Harrison made it look so good, I had to have a bite. I guess they are not so bad. Big CARTER I cant wait to see you. ALEX I miss you already. Little CARTER I really like your JEEP. Can I ride it?? But I need to wear my dress. Okay.

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Carter Frais said...

Of course you can ride in my Jeep Tessa. I will try to learn to steer before I give you a ride.=)
Have fun in Lansing!!